It’s not by chance that dirt roads end up with ruts driven deep – it’s like when we find our training isn’t doing much except tiring us.

It’s how patterns are formed – once we get results from doing ‘a thing’ we carry on doing it. Why not? It worked didn’t it?

Habits are the way they are because they make things easy for us, copying and then repeating over and over is a simple solution in the moment.

That’s where learning comes in though – it breaks apart old habits, replaces them with new ways of doing things (your training for example) and if we put in the effort to learn we see our training in a whole new way.

Long term ruts and habits are massively difficult to get free from though, one thing that can help is community.

That’s where my coaching and connected group on facebook comes in – it wasn’t there to provide knowledge, the internet does that all the time (for free) it’s there to break habits and get you out of those ruts and reduce them from happening again.

The best way to break a habit and get out of an under-performing training methodology is to commit to a new habit.

If you’re ready, I have some spaces available for new coaching clients. I’ll work with you and take your training to a new level. I’ve helped hundreds of other runners (at all levels). I can help you too.

Run with passion,