Strength Training Package for Runners

First off I want to say thank you for your interest in purchasing my strength training package for runners!

Why Strength is one of the secrets to taking your running to the next level

Strength training provides us runners with a litany of benefits.

Whilst running itself is good, connecting the rest of the body’s muscaluture and building a stronger body provide a bedrock from which you can run more effectively.

I discovered the benefits of strength training when I was searching for ways to take my running to the next level. I wanted to understand exactly how much of a difference strength would play in my performance, what I discovered surprised me.

I just hadn’t realised the impact strength training would have, it became more than just a way of running faster, instead it started to physically affect the way I ran.

Still running on the same trails I’d always run along I started to notice a difference – I felt more stable, stronger and more agile and connected to the ground, able to use my body in a way that I hadn’t experienced before.

It was a kind of eureka moment for me, and led me to be a passionate proponent of strength training for runners.

Designing a Strength Traininng package specifically for runners

My personal experience led me to design this package, After all if I could benefit so significantly from just 20 minutes a day twice a week, I knew other runners could too.

As a coach of many runners I’m fortunate to be able to work with many other professionals.

Lindsey McKenna from Fitness Ninja is a personal trainer with over a decades experience in improving her clients fitness, diets and physical performance.

Lindsay and I have worked together before and her style is warm, welcoming and friendly, whilst still being super supportive and professional.

I wanted to include a personal trainer in this package, to add that extra value, whether that’s tips showing how to position your body or the best way to structure workouts.

I knew Lindsey would be perfect and would bring an extra dimension to the package.

What’s included?

In this package I’ve included everything you need to get going straight away, with the minimum of fuss, you won’t need a gym membership, or any equipment.

Of course, if you want to progress the exercises to the next level and add challenge, some simple weights may be beneficial.

The exercises within this package are all designed to build in strength to help runners specifically, and we’ve focused in on 5 key areas that in my experience as a UK Athletics qualified running coach and winner of multiple races I absolutely believe will contribute to better running and reduced injury risk.

Those areas are:

  • Ankles
  • Calves
  • Core
  • Glutes
  • Knees

And all the exercises are set up in groups, so you simply choose two from each set to focus on in each of the above groups.

If you need to speak to me about any of the exercises then please pop a message over to me via messenger on Facebook and I’ll be happy to help.

There are eight videos in total, five focus in on the exercises in the groups above, I’ve included a short video on who we are, a how to guide and an introduction to strength in running.

What did Tony think of the package?

“I really like the videos. I think you have it spot on. It costs at least £25 to enter any event these days and much more in most cases. £23.99 to do it better and reduce the chance of being injured too.

I like that nearly all of the exercises can be done virtually anywhere.

Simple. Doable. Affordable. Highly Valuable.”

Get yours now!

To take advantage of this package for £23.99 then click the link below and you’ll be sent a link to a private webpage which includes the full strength package.

Strength Training Package