Thanks to Larne Tracey for this guest blog

Imagine a cold frosty morning, yet you are eagerly anticipating stepping out into the cold for your run. For me, this was not always the case, but then I discovered podcasts. They have changed my Life and completely changed my outlook on running.

With music you roughly know how long a song is so at the end of each track you know how long has passed since you have been running. Track one 3 minutes track two 6 minutes, plus the same playlist can become repetitive.

A Podcast it is one long continuous stream of words covering various topics, pouring in through your headphones and this is why I believe podcasts can really enhance your running experience.

Music is inspiring but nothing can make you zone out from the world more than your passions and interests, and for me that is why Podcasts make running a pleasure


Sport, comedy, Movies – there is something for everyone. There is even a podcast that helps you with running!

Below are some of my favourite podcasts – why not try one the next time you are out for a run, you have nothing to lose they are FREE!!!:-


Kermode and Mayo Film Review:-

Two old men talking about films for an hour and a half sounds pretty dull? Nothing could be further from the truth. Passionate, witty and engaging, these two men have made me laugh and made my marathon training runs feel like a breeze.


Friday Night Comedy From BBC Radio 4:-

For the shorter runs – This bright and breezy 30 minute show that can be downloaded – laugh along as you run. My personal Preference is ‘The now Show’ which is a look at the week in politics, although you also get ‘The News quiz’  dependent on which series is running.


Football Weekly:-

Any football fan will enjoy this podcast full of witty banter and a look back at the action from past week, released on a Monday and Thursday. James Richardson of football Italia fame (channel 4) hosts and is as slick as ever.


Running Academy:-

With over a 1 million Podcast downloads this is the most popular running podcast out there. Full of tips and advice to help to get you over the line.


Golf Weekly:-

Where to start? Golf is my passion and these three on weekly basis bring fun, laughter and some insight in to my world. The three hosts are like old friends and really make any run a better experience.


This is just the tip of the iceberg from the podcast world. There is so much for you to discover!


Please feedback any thoughts and let me know if you try any