Professional Gait Analysis


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Gait analysis with Geoff, Virtually

Gait analysis, when carried out properly makes a big difference when it comes to keeping you running, instead of being injured. But it also helps you run more efficiently too, ensuring your body moves in a way that reduces injury risk and allows you to run faster with less effort.

Geoff is a UK Athletics Qualified Professional Running Coach who has coached and trained hundreds of runners, whether they are running their first Parkrun, or are competing at the European Championships and winning the silver medal, and he can help you too.

Professional Gait Analysis is vital to every runner, there are always improvements to our running style that we can simply make and that will reward us with a faster pace, injury free running and greater efficiencies.

Once you purchase this package, Geoff will email you and let you know how to carry out the virtual session. All you need is a mobile ‘phone and possibly a friend and that’s it!


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