Are you using a training log?

Then I’m here to tell you it’s time to start, and it’s not just historical record keeping that logs are useful for.

A bit like starting a gym membership in January, then letting it lapse in March, keeping a log seems like a great idea when you first start out.

A conversation with my partner last week brought the question into sharp relief.
‘Why are you writing all your runs down?’

I answered ‘because then I’ve got a record of everything, distance average pace, etc’
‘So why’ she continued ‘don’t you just use the app on your ‘phone which you’re copying from’?

This folks, was a good question.
The job I was doing will take me some time because, a bit like that imaginary person with their gym membership, I’ve kinda let it lapse.

Why? Because I’ve stopped being consistent on this.
And that is the problem. Yes, the ‘phone app makes things easy, has allowed me a cheat I guess and a quick fix.

Ive kinda let my metaphorical gym membership lapse….whoops.

Ok so I’m trying to be better, I want to continue what I started, I should do this, it’s not enough to say I’ve done this before therefore I should carry on, I need a valid reason, and the log can be that.

I do need to write it down.


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