Welsh 3000’s – it’s race time!

With so many races canceelled, and seemingly only singular virtual races being offered by most race organisers, I’ve been thinking of how to create the race feel, without the unfairness of cutoffs, but with MEDALS!

For me, what better way to start than with a suggestion from one of my regular guests, to organise a weekend that follows the route of the internationally famous Welsh 3000’s race.

Snowdon in the background

This is a race that I’ve run and won for 7 consecutive years, and one which takes us through the very heart of Snowdonia’s mountains, it requires some decent preperation in terms of fitness – we’ll decide when to run and when to take things easier so there is an opportunity to take things more easily, although it is a committing two days.

The route follows the exact route of the famous race, although for those wanting to avoid some of the more exposed sections I can offer an easy alternative. This is an ultra, at over 27 miles distance, with 10,000ft of ascent, but we have a rather unique way of organising the event so most folks with good fitness will be able to achieve it.

So how does it work?

My team and I will be with you throughout, and all of our guests will be in small teams, with a run leader to guide you.

Each team will be of a similar pace, so you’ll never be left behind, and of course you will all complete the event together, meaning there’s a huge sense of community and friendship, unlike many races, were you are competition with others, on this event it’s absolutely the case that everyone achieves more because you’re in a team.

We look after every single detail (if you’ve been on my events then you already know how good we are at that), all we may need you to do is assist with some short driving.

If you’ve never been to one of my events, then let our guests tell you what they think….

What’s included?

Your accomodation is included in the price of this wonderful event,and we will be staying at lovel, comfortable acccomodation in Llanrug, which is close to Llanberis and it’s delightful inns.

If this sounds like your type of challenge then secure your space by clicking the link below, our events now have over 100 five star reviews, and there’s a reason our guests keep coming back with us again and again.

Looking forward to welcoming you to stunning Snowdonia!

Regrads, Geoff

Welsh 3000’s Event