Welsh 3000s Training Plan

Train For the Welsh 3000s Ultra

A tailored package

Designed  by Geoff winner of the W3K for 7 years

What’s included

This isn’t just a coaching plan, it’s filled with content to help you run the epic race that is the Welsh 3000s and complete it.

W3K Coaching

– 5 months coaching with Geoff – Guidance from Geoff which will go deep on how to train for the mountains of Snowdonia
– Training plan to build your running – PERSONALISED for you

Live Content

– Live videos where Geoff will share his knowledge of the route
– Live videos on training tools and approaches to help you tackle the mountains/ascent/descent and other variables
– Live videos on many other topics, such as nutrition and pacing which will help you get to the finish line

Bonus Information

– Geoff has trained for 7 years for this exact race, learning and developing tactics and strategies – he’ll be sharing many of these here with you

– We’ll cover to eat and drink to minimise cramp and perform during the race

– Plus a lot more!

Time to Race Weekend