Trail Running Coaching Camp

This camp is for those who are new to trail running and prefer to be part of a smaller group of runners.

A big benefit of this reduced group size is that the ratio of runners to their coach is 1 to 7 at the most, and this means I get to spend a lot more time with each runner who joins up.

We’ll be staying at accomodation in the beatiful Snowdonia National Park, and runnng directly from there.

Meals (excluding evening meals) will be included in the price and you’ll benefit from coaching advice from a UK Athletics running coach.

I’ll also talk you through all the main principles in avoiding running injury, as included in my Amazon #10 rated ebook, and provide you with a masterclass on running nutrition (the subject of my soon to be published 2nd book).

There are so many questions around trail running, such as:
  • What do I wear to run trails?
  • How different is it to road running?
  • Will it be harder?
  • How does my pace change running trails instead of roads?
  • What do I eat and drink differently on trail runs?
  • How easy is it to stay balanced trail running?
  • Will I be using different kit?
  • How do I use psychology to improve my performance?
  • What drills can I apply practically to improve my running form?
And I’m sure you’ve got lot’s more questions too!
Well I’ll answer all your questions here at this trail running camp 👍🏃
This is an experience that will give us the fantastic opportunity to go deep on some really meaty issues, to work through the concept of transition between road and trail and to look at how our road running can impact trail running, and also how trail running can ultimately improve our performance when we’re running on the road.
I want to have a lot of time with each runner, to really tease out the challenges for you and help you resolve them, and to help move you to where you want to be as a runner.
That might mean we review training options, current running style, nutrition, injuries or how to use drills.
Whatever we need to do, at this weekend we’ll have the time to do it in depth, and this is because I’ve intentionally kept numbers low.
Don’t miss out on your chance to have this awesome running coaching opportunity.
This is an ideal weekend for those who haven’t done much (or any) trail running and it will be an immersive experience, we’ll run on local trails which are almost directly out of the door of where we’ll be staying.

The trail running weekends usually book up extremely fast, so this one will be offered on a first come first served basis and is scheduled for the 14th and 15th September 2018, if you would like to confirm your space simply click the link below, the total price including all of the above is £250.

I look forward to running with you!