Zig Ziglar the great American motivational speaker once said that motivation doesn’t last. 

His response to his own quote was a simple line: Motivation doesn’t last, but neither does bathing and that’s why we recommend it daily. 

I’m one of those people who can’t resist a good audio download to listen to in the car (or while vacuuming!) and Zig had a pretty great voice with his deep Texan drawl. 

The accent wasn’t the only draw for me though, motivation is one of those most ephemeral concepts, brilliant when you’re on a run and you feel every step adding to your goal, leading you to improved fitness, a faster split time and ultimately to a PR at the next Parkrun or race – but ultimately noticeable when absent. 

THAT feeling is the polar opposite, the runners low perhaps?  How do we get beyond that? How do we create the transient motivation that moves us forwards? 

Keep the fun, what took us out to begin with, why go on our first run at all, it’s time to re discover our own running Genesis, to get beyond our expectations and desires, built up over months or years – sometimes running can just be enjoyment and doesn’t have to be lap times, the fastest pace, intervals – and we can rediscover joy in our running


Keep your runs fun

It’s not always about the race…..


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