Originally this article was all set to be an account of my race at Trail Betws, I’m so pleased with the race and how fun it was, and I want to get that written up and posted for you. 


But as I wrote this, the article changed in to my thoughts on achievement, and keeping an element of fun in our runs.   


For me, a race just has to be fun, that’s one of the key ingredients, and I think it should apply to all of our runs whether training or racing. 

If you can achieve this, if your runs are enjoyable, if you even manage to attain that sometimes elusive state known as ‘flow’ then you’re doing things right. 


Racing is sometimes our all, you know, it’s that feeling that all of our training is leading to, that it’s the destination. 


The thing is, a race is quick, even a 7 hour marathon ends in 7 hours, and if that’s what you’ve been looking forward to for a full six months then that’s a lot of days, weeks and months crammed into 7 hours.


Feeling every run leading you towards your race, contributing to your race might help spread things out a little, and one thing I always recommend my athletes to think about are their achievements. 


If you go online there are so many examples of runners who are upset with their performance, you know there is nothing immediately wrong with getting these thoughts out, but it’s worth considering first – are they accurate? 

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Recently I ran a training run which I wasn’t happy with. 

I felt wiped out on the 2nd ascent, and decided I couldn’t go on. 

I was disappointed, feeling that I’d wasted a weekend.  Plus I was racing the following weekend so that was another weekend when I wouldn’t be in running a long training run. 


I chatted to my partner about it, and she summed things up really well – she asked me what I’d wanted to get out of the run, and then what I had actually achieved. 


As it turned out, I wanted to run about 10 miles (I managed 9.5), I wanted to run in the mountains (I did) and I wanted to get in a reasonable amount of ascent (I’d done this too).


The point was well made. 


Sometimes we need to think,  to talk, and to be prepared to reconsider, before we reduce our accomplishments. 


Every run is important, I always make this point to the runners I coach, your achievements are exactly that, live them. 



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