Here’s something that might not inspire you…..the expression it’s time to take stock. 

I’m currently on the train travelling up from London and the opportunity has popped up for me to write this post, it wasn’t planned it just presented itself. 

You might be wondering where I’m going with this, well it comes down to looking around and being thankful I guess. 

This week has been pretty hectic, building some plans for a number of runners, both on road and in the mountains, giving out advice online and working almost everyday on my new free email course – 5K to 10K transition, more details available for subscribers at so please do check that out if you’d like to smash your 10K – but during all of this I’ve noticed that many times it’s the little things that keep the smile on my face. 

Very often all we have to do is remember there are so many things that make a huge difference to how we view our world. 

As runners we’re pretty darn lucky I reckon, having the chance most days to get out and fulfill our own passion, how many folks can truly say that? 

I know I feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to be out running, and it’s good to recall these positives. 

Wherever you’re running this weekend I hope you have a great one folks, enjoy!