It had taken months, probably over a year to answer the question.  Much longer if you think that prior to that I didn’t even know there was a question to answer.

I knew that I had a passion for training people, helping them get to their best, increasing focus and performance, I knew I loved the training I was doing for the Welsh 3000’s mountain race, see separate article on this incredible challenge, and I knew that getting people to think differently about what they were capable of and showing them what was possible was something that really inspired me.

What I didn’t know was how all this would fit together – how could all these separate blocks come together to form a cohesive whole?  Earlier in 2015 an acquaintance was talking about a running coach she had found online and her experiences with this person.  It struck me that there must be a qualification pathway out there somewhere and I soon found out that UK Athletics offered a course in coaching.

This was the first point in understanding how things might work, I loved the idea of coaching, getting people out running, improving their health and achieving personal goals!


First I needed to complete a leadership in running fitness course, this would enable me to take groups of runners out and importantly give me some experience in the practical aspect of differing runners needs.  I’ve written a separate blog about this.


My next step was to attend the first two days of the Coach in running fitness course with UK Athletics and I’m pleased to say I booked on to this last November just after I came back from holiday, I’m really looking forward to it.

It’s up in Blackburn, a bit closer than the alternative which was in Sheffield, I left it too late to get on to the course in Manchester so it’s two November days at Witton Park, then six months of training and hard work with another coaching day, then the final assessment day.

Really looking forward to it!

Have you trained recently, or maybe you’ve got some coaching tales to tell?  If so please share in the comments below.