Thanks to Larne for this guest blog!

From seasoned runners to ‘People making their first tentative steps towards running, we all at some point have experienced a lack of motivation, that nagging sensation of the couch being too comfortable and trapping our bodies to it.


When Running becomes a chore it can quickly go from a challenging yet rewarding pastime to an anchor hung around your neck slowly weighing you down and becoming a heavy burden.


Instead of trying to remove the anchor  and finding new avenues to explore, at the end of last year my running hit a real low and like an ostrich I hid my head in the sand and kept putting off each run.


‘I will do it tomorrow’ became my NO.1 mantra.


So if like me you have ever faced the running blues, below are some ways I have managed to reignite my running mojo:-




I cannot stress this enough – Plan your route, give yourself a complete lap to run to, drive somewhere away from your house and find a good park to do laps around. Don’t just set off and amble around. If you give your run a sense of purpose, a direction, it will give you focus and a goal to work towards.  You can use Map My run to plans runs for free – (you have to register but it is free)



Time yourself


If you do not time yourself at the moment this is a must. You do not need a fancy gizmo or a £300 watch, most smart phones allow you to download free apps that give accurate data about your runs. Once you see progress you will be eager to get out there and smash that 5k goal or beat that last run you did.



Park run


Park run is a free 5k running race done every Saturday morning in a park (I guess you may have worked that out from the title.) The simplicity of it is breath-taking yet so rewarding and effective. You get club members going for a sub 16 minute 5k run to Mums running with their child in a push chair, to people walking the whole 5K run pleased to be out in the fresh air. It is social, friendly but can be as competitive as you want to make it. Full CHIP timed and most of all did I MENTION completely FREE??  – I even used Parkrun to take part in a 5k Run in Australia and in America. Fantastic way to meet different runners and all sorts of people.



Get Social


Post it on Facebook, Tweet it to Twitter, SnapChat your sweaty face and share it – Talk about what you’re doing. Sure your friends /followers may disown you but if you talk about it, you are more likely to get out there and do a run. Running is something you should be proud of and by sharing what you are doing it will motivate you to get out there and achieve it. Follow @Ukrunchat who run community chats every week on twitter and offer helpful hints and tips.



Podcasts –


Seriously if you have never tried a podcast on a run then you are missing out on whole world of entertainment on your runs. ‘Please check out an earlier guest blog for more information


A runner’s guide to podcasts


Give ‘Serial’ a go a brilliantly produced and fascinating Podcast that isn’t mentioned on that article.



Challenge yourself.


This one is personal to me, through the running app Endmondo and twitter I joined up with a challenge called #Teamred.  Everytime I do run the total for the month gets added to #Teamred and in to a league. It is amazing how seeing people totalling huge amounts of miles every month can inspire you to challenge yourself to run that bit further or get out there even when all you want to do is have a lie in. A real motivation.




So those are my thoughts on what can help with motivation. I hope your find them useful please add your thoughts on running motivation and anything that has inspired you in the comments below.