It’s time to look inward.  

Lots of you know me from my social media work and from racing, and you’ll already know I’m working on performance improvement for all runners.   

One of the principal areas that runners can make strategic changes resulting in immediate improvements, is to focus in on injury prevention.  

Here’s what’s surprising though, very often these aren’t obvious, and many runners miss out on really significant improvements in endurance and speed simply because they’re not aware that shifting focus can make a huge difference.    

I’m passionate about changing that and providing the right information to make performance gains.  

You’ll already have seen my article on getting awesome results from your 10K – but if you haven’t here is the link Time for an awesome 10K

In that article I don’t just give you lots of info, I also go deep with a training schedule to build strength and then provide an embedded YouTube link to my tips on building better hill repeats.  Why? 

All of this builds endurance through strength, it builds speed through strength.  These are part of the injury avoidance process.  If you build in strength you add resistance and that means less injury. 


So what else can you do to help with this?  Here are my immediate takeaways to help with injury avoidance right now:  

  • Warm up. Every run. No excuses
  • No stretching immediately before a run, your muscles aren’t ready – walk, then slow jog, then build up (slowly). Want more advice on warm ups?  Pop your email in to the box at the end of this article or in the box at the top and I’ll send you my amazon top 10 ebook on Injury Free Running – absolutely free
  • Want to run fast every run?  Want to stay injury free?  It’s time to chose one or the other.  Don’t get me wrong, speed workouts are essential, just not in every run.  Think around 1 speed session a week if you’re running 3 or 4 times per week
  • Love road?  That’s good, but treadmills don’t need to be full of dread, they tend to be a little softer underfoot and you can really, really, easily build speed sessions on them too
  • Cool down, just like the warm up this is so important and I recommend that you start by slowing down,  don’t skimp here, whether you’re on the road or treadmill.  Move into some jumping jacks then stretches.  This is modelled on techniques I’ve found some of the elite athletes using.  We might not have the time available that they commit to cooling down, but that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit

So that’s a good starting point.  Keep these up and right away you’ll have done more than most to reduce your injury risk. 

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Keep running injury free, Geoff

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