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Welcome to Focused performance, I’m Geoff and I’m a runner, on road and in the Mountains.

I’m incredibly passionate about running and I want to help you achieve all your running goals, I’m also a running coach with UK Athletics and have won and been placed in several races, all on the back of using the skills I’ve learnt and developed over my years running successfully.


Too many runners accept injury as unavoidable – it’s my mission to change this. I’ve created this website to share my strategies, tips, resources and coaching knowledge so that runners everywhere can improve how they run. I write articles here that runners will actually benefit from, when I’m writing about a technical matter then I want to give you as much information as possible to improve your running. I’m also a published author, and my ebook The Runners Guide to Injury free Running was in the top 10 books in the Running and Jogging category on Amazon.


You’ll find lots of really useful information here, but if you’re new to focusedperformance, or looking for a particular section then I’ve included this page as a guide to help you find the right information and strategies for you fast.

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OK, let’s get into the meat of this article.

Moving Faster

Firstly how to achieve your fastest 5K on 3 workouts a week


And now some of my tips for a super 10K performance

Has your running plateaued?  Get out of that rut NOW

Want more detail on Long Runs and how to really benefit from them?

My Journey to becoming a UK Athletics Coach

Are you a new runner?  Just starting out?  Then this is the complete resource for you, read this first

How to choose the best running shoes for you – my strategies for picking the best shoes to run in


Not a runner just yet but want to be? Try this first, my tips and a full plan to get you running safely with reduced injury risk

Running out of fun in your runs?  (Sorry pun intended!) I’ve written this article to help keep your enjoyment up


So there you have it, I’ll add to this page as I writ new content, keep checking back for more and do subscribe to the website for even more free tips and strategies that only subscribers receive, as well as a copy of my eBook on avoiding running injury.

Keep running with passion!


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