Hesitating to sign up for my first half marathon

The half marathon – a distance I’ve never run before, but I’ve run mountain marathons and a 10K very recently – so why was I feeling doubt, and hesitation?


Ultimately I hadn’t trained for this run, I had a couple of weeks off after the Bangor 10K training and whilst I was completing my British Athletics running coach training some of the other coaches mentioned this race. It got me interested.

Being interested and being trained are two different things however. So I suppose if someone on twitter or facebook, or if one of my athletes asked me whether they should do this race themselves what would I say?



  1. Are you able? Can you run the distance? If not are you able to walk/run it?
  2. Are you in good condition? Carrying any injuries?
  3. When did you last train and for what distance? Have you completed a good base of training this year?
  4. What’s your goal? Is it just to finish? To win? To cross the line at a particular pace/time?
  5. Will you ENJOY it?!


I know I’ll enjoy a run, the adrenaline, the excitement, the opportunity to pit myself against the clock and the road and see where I come. I know, too, that I’m able, the miles in my legs this year tell me that, no injuries and I know that I can run the 13.1 miles.


So what does that leave? I guess it’s my target, if I’m entering a race I want to achieve a good time, a time better than expected I think. That’s what success would feel like. Knowing I can run at a certain pace is one thing, but can I produce around my 10K pace for that distance or will I be slower?

I imagine there’s only one way to find out!

Check back soon folks and I’ll keep you posted, have you had a similar experience? If so please add it to the comments section below.

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