The Runners Masterclass Series of Talks

The Runners Masterclass is a series of three talks, by me, in Crosby, Liverpool.

How many times have you gone online and asked what seemed a simple question? Like….’Does anyone know how to carb load effectively?’ Or maybe, ‘what do I do to run faster?’ or perhaps ‘do I really need to warm up?’…and then been surprised that so many people had contrasting views on each and every running related subject?!

And that’s one reason why I decided to hold these three talks.

It’s just me, you, and the opportunity for you to learn first hand how to run more effectively, to supercharge your performance, to avoid injury.

If you don’t know me I’m Geoff and I’m a qualified UK Athletics Running Coach and I organise trail running holidays in the UK and overseas.

I’m also an ultra mountain runner and I’ve competed in a wide variety of races, both in the mountains and now on the road too.

I feel really honored to hold my club’s record for the Welsh 3000’s race (23 miles, 15 mountains 10,000ft of ascent in 24 hours) having won it for each of the past 7 years and has come second in the Oggie 8 mountain race.

On road I’ve recently run the Bangor 10K and came 2nd in my category and 23rd overall, and have more races planned.

I’m also the author of the Amazon top 10 in category ebook (The Runners Guide to Injury Free Running)

I’ve dedicated each talk to one topic and these are:

31st January ➡️ Avoiding running injury, a review of everything in my Amazon Top 10 ebook on the same subject.

It’s time to stop accepting injury, I’ll show you my techniques and practical strategies that have kept me injury free for years, which you can apply and benefit from immediately.

Price: £7

28th February ➡️ How to use nutrition to power your training runs and races.

The subject of my 2nd book, this is an in-depth look at the often forgotten subject of how to take advantage of nutrition.

Price £7

28th March ➡️ How to run faster. So many runners want to increase their speed but conventional advice very often doesn’t deliver performance improvements.

I’ll talk you through the strategies that have worked for me, leading me to win a mountain marathon for 7 years on the run, and which work for many of the runners I coach.

Price: FREE of you would like to attend all 3 talks or £7 if not.

All start at 19:00 at Crosby Lakeside Centre (not the swimming baths) and all are free to anyone I coach!

You can book your seat below…

I look forward to seeing you there!


The Runners Masterclass Series of Talks