Coaching 1:1 on trails with Geoff, UK Athletics Professional Running Coach


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Have you ever wondered how to run on trails without it feeling difficult, or without having to slow down?

Geoff is a UK Athletics qualified running coach and will be able to provide key info that will improve your trail running style along with the way you run on the roads. He is the winner of his clubs Welsh 3000s mountain race and did this for seven consecutive years, which was another record in his club.

He has coached hundreds of runners to personal success at all race distances. His approach is unique and he knows how to deliver results for his clients.

If you would like to spend a half day (3 hours) with Geoff, then you will receive a huge amount of useful information, including:

  • Coaching tailored to your running goals
  • How to build a plan for yourself
  • Gait Analysis to reduce injury risk and to increase your running efficiency
  • One to One for 3 hours with Geoff, running trails and learning from an expert exactly how to run downhill and uphill on trail
  • A one to one session after running for Geoff to provide you with detailed feedback on how to take your running to the next level, this will be in depth and highly personalised for you

If this sounds good, and you want to run on some incredible trails with sublime views, then this is for you.

Dates to be arranged on booking.



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