Passion – are you searching for it?

Have you ever taken the journey into work first thing on a Monday and thought you needed a chaange of scenery, to get out there and find something you’re passionate about?

Ever thought about that while running?

What do I mean? Well I guess it’s that search for better results in your favourite race, or maybe it’s trying to increase your pace, to stop thinking of yourself as a beginner, or to enjoy running more, or to get fitter….the list goes on, and is utterly personal.

So what’s the motivation?

What is it that pushes us? What is the driving force? Actually it’s the thing we’ve been looking for. It’s passion. It’s what keeps us coming back for more, and what’s missing when we no longer find running fun. Get back to the basics of running, straight out of the front door, onto the road or through the forest, up the mountain and run. No technology, just you and the run.

Passion. Stop looking and it’s there.

Run with passion, Geoff