Kickstart YOUR Running 2021


A unique package for January


from UK Athletics Coach Geoff Brierley

What’s included

This is a special package filled to the brim with actionable content to help you start 2021 the RIGHT way, free from injury, and armed with a huge amount of information to build your month and the year in a positive way


– A months coaching with Geoff – Guidance from Geoff on how to add in Recovery, the forgotten vital part of everyones training
– Training plan to build your running – PERSONALISED for you

Live Content

– Live videos throughout January covering techniques to stay injury free
– Live videos on training tools and approaches for the rest of your running year
– Live videos on many other topics, such as nutrition and pacing

Bonus Information

-I’ll be including lots of really useful, practical information for runners that will be both actionable and immediately useable

-This is a full Months worth of running knowledge from a coach who has trained runners to beat their PB at Parkrun, or achieve a Silver medal at the Eurpoean Championships

– This will be jam packed with useful content for you so don’t miss out!

The Countdown Begins!