Have you ever tried to run better?

I don’t mean by using any special techniques, a new found training system, or after reading a book on how to run differently. No, I mean just straight out, all pervasive effort.

That head down, let’s get at them, hard graft?

It’s quite a surprise when we do that exactly how much we can achieve, how much change we can affect in our running (or many areas of our life to be honest) and how much better we feel by simply getting out there and doing ‘the job’.

But at some point, we realise our internal commitment to the job starts not to deliver the results we anticiapte (and expect). As we expect to make ever bigger changes we realise that continuing to rely on effort alone cannot provide us with the amount of change we desire.

I was stuck in this place myself, in my training I learned the hard way that my own effort and determination had been an incredible source of change for me, it had lifted me out of the malaise I’d struggled with for years previously, but now I needed something new, something that would take me to where I ultimately wanted to be.

At the time I was a below average walker in the mountains, my aim was to perform at a high level running in the mountains. Effort wasn’t going to be enough.

I needed to learn technique.

I needed to learn how to train myself. I needed to understand how training is structured. I needed to learn that technique MAKES a huge difference. It’s a paradigm shift in producing results.

And, with practice and knowledge it becomes second nature, it becomes as natural as effort, but it’s not the natural thing to go and look for. For many runners we keep pushing forward with what we’ve always done and expecting different results.

We get so far with effort, however, to get beyond the point you are at, you need technique and clearly this isn’t something you come to on your own.

Look for those people who are playing at a different level to you, are they doing things that you don’t recognise, or that appear unusual? Then this is the sort of technique to investigate.

Run with Passion