So you want to run?  The good news?  It’s pretty much as easy as moving one foot in front of the other.  There isn’t any bad news, which I guess is more good news.  There are some simple pointers though, that will get you moving in the right direction, that will help you reduce your risk of injury and that will reduce the chance of overtraining.


  • Running should be fun. This isn’t a point that applies only to those starting out, everyone (yep even those training for a personal best) should be enjoying their runs, the training, the race, all of it. If you don’t enjoy it, then what is going to motivate you when a dark winter morning crops up, you’re tired and it’s raining?
  • Don’t run injured. Seriously.
  • If you’re feeling lethargic or tired don’t run. (I know this is a blog post about keeping running but ignoring this point or the one above will keep you away from running a lot longer) This could be a symptom of overtraining or that your body is still recovering – and therefore rebuilding, from a previous run

Life is better when you're running

  • What type of run are you used to? Easy pace and long miles/Long weekend runs/Speed work? Try something different, if it takes you out of your comfort zone then it’s likely to help keep that interest alive. Also, you might find performance improvements – see my blog post on improving your speed


  • Try running at a reasonable pace – don’t go all out, slow your runs down. Doing too much early on will see results, but they’ll be the wrong kind! Ease back, not every run is a race.


  • Have a chat with likeminded friends, are there any groups that you could run with? I take a group of beginning runners out every week and we have a laugh, but as time is moving on they are seeing improvements to their fitness, frequently the folks say to me that they just wouldn’t be out running without the group, it really motivates them to get out running

Have the points above inspired you?  What works for you and keeps you running?  Please share in the comments below.