Running coaching with Geoff is different.

Each runner has individual goals, and individual coaching plans should reflect that, taking the runner to exactly where they want to go.

Professional running coaching is different – here’s how it gives you many advantages over other runners:

1. You have access to me anytime to help you achieve your running goals

2. I build your plan and it’s utterly bespoke, no generic or cookie cutter approach here

3. I’m a professional UK Athletics running coach, the author of the Amazon Top #10 ebook – The Runners Guide to Injury Free Running and I’m writing my 2nd  now, on runners nutrition – so I know the scientific data and findings that underpin results focused training and I know how to build plans that work

4.  Plans on their own are great, but I can offer over a decade of experience winning races and coaching other runners to personal success and use that to help you achieve your goals, whether they’re on the international stage, or you want to increase your speed in a local race

Some of my personal Achievements

1. Winner of my mountaineering clubs Welsh 3000’s mountain ultra marathon race for 7 consecutive years

2. 2nd Place in the 2015 Oggie 8 Mountain race

3. Bangor 10K road 2nd in category

4. Excalibur Trail 10K 2019 10th place out of 73 competitors

5. Snowdon mountain race 12K 2019 7th place out of 119 competitors

Geoff only coaches a small number of runners at a time, so as to provide a quality coaching service to each, please pop an enquiry over to if you’d like to smash your running goals