Want to love your treadmill?  Then make the most of your sessions by transforming the treadmill into a HIIT machine!

Check out the tips here to help burn more calories while you’re on the treadmill!

And don’t forget to keep your runs fun, here are my suggestions to help you avoid repetitiveness and boredom.

Before you kick off on these powerful sessions you should make sure you’ve got a good base of running, they’re intense and will work your body significantly if you do them right

  • Start off with a nice warm up, at a slow pace (I mean slower than normal long run pace here folks) Then prepare to burn! Studies from Canada and Australia have shown that HIIT* has an impact on calorie burn (possibly due to the body’s requirements to repair itself after higher intensity exercise)
  • These HIIT (interval) sessions alternate high intensity blocks of exercise with low intensity recovery


  • Run short sessions at a higher pace and then recover for between 2 to 5 minutes, these interval sessions can be just a little faster than your normal pace, or you can try sprinting – either way try to pick a speed that you can keep going for the whole interval and can repeat after the short recovery period
  • You’ll become a faster and stronger runner from intervals, so change your length of session to gain different results – if you’re running a 5K soon, my post on producing a personal best time on 3 workouts a week will definately be useful to you here
  • Intervals will burn varied amounts of calories depending on your age, sex and body weight, however don’t go too far too soon – build up your intervals and keep your sessions short to begin with
  • Keep to your recovery periods, they help your body to benefit from the work done in the interval, I know I keep talking about rest and recovery on twitter but this is such an integral part of your training – I’ll get a blog up on this subject in the near future with a vlog to go along with it – watch out for them!
  • Extra Bonus? Intervals will help to increase your long run speed too. Do them right and you’ll benefit in all these ways, which really shows that they should be part of every runners arsenal of tools for peak performance.

Contact me on twitter @focusedperformance or on facebook at focusedperformance and I’ll work with you to design the perfect interval sessions for you – we’ll have you ready to increase speed or improve endurance and running faster and more comfortably than ever before in no time!

*HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

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