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Thanks to Cheryl for this guest blog, it’s fantastic to see what other runners have achieved in the year and also get a feel for other races.  Over to Cheryl:


This year, the year 2016, I hadn’t entered as many running events as I had the previous year. I did go a bit mad last year having the race bug … Here are a few of the reasons for not entering as many this time;


Time. I work long hours on my feet which can leave me really tired, and sometimes I just want a lie in, even if it is only until 8am! I also have to work weekends and a lot of events are on the weekend which I then needs to book off. I only have a limited amount of annual leave!


Husband. As dutiful as he is he would also like a lie in, and may not want to be up early to then drive miles and have to stand around for over hours! I stick to 10Ks’ to reduce his waiting time.


Distance. My hub takes me to any race events I want to do as I’m a lone runner, and not being a member of a running club I don’t get to car share with other runners to said events.


Cost. Some events are just pricey [for me].



I think that’s it covered … So which events did I do?
I have decided to have some races as regular events, to try and PB the course, and because I liked the event itself. Good route, great atmosphere. Nice bling ๐Ÿ˜‰


I also tend to [now] opt for slightly bigger events, as these are less club competitive than the smaller ones sometimes can be. As an unaffiliated lone runner I can sometimes find this competitiveness a little intimidating.



What an event to kick start 2016! The petzle Night Runner [Rivington] I underestimated this, and under-trained and under everything!
I actually cried at one point I was so cold and lost [I was, as usual, running alone]. I am doing it again though. Do I expect to PB this event next time? No. Not unless you get me huskies!




Strava Petzl Rivington Night Runner


Time: 1:52:22


Blog post Rivington Night Runner
Muddy Bottoms! I have done this local trail run once before. It’s very muddy! I don’t feel any pressure to get a good time in this event. I just aim not to get lost! You get a map … I can’t read maps! I didn’t get lost though as I ran it with Sally and her daughter. Runners I met on the day. It was her mothers Day present!. There’s no bling for this event, but there is pie and peas, and the satisfaction of returning with both trainers!




Strava Muddy Bottoms 7 mile trail
Time 1:41:36
The second event for March; This was the Year that I ran / walked my first Ultra with my friend Pauline. I’d not done adequate distance training for this, my longest run being 13.1mile and I was really winging it. It’s just 10 mile X3. I can walk some, it’s ok to walk…
It went OK! I’ve plans to do this again and hope for a slightly faster finish time.



Strava canalathon


Time 7:33:37


Blog post Canalathon
I took part in two events this month. A road race that I wanted to course PB [I’d done it the previous year] and a 10 mile trail run the next day. I didn’t think it through, and I took a wrong turn on the road race and added two extra mile after running a fairly [for me] fast pace. I knew this would leave me tired and probably a bit achy for the race I had planned for the next day. It did.

Strava Rainbow Ramble 5 mile


Time 1:29:12 [7.6mile] The second event for April; A very hilly 10 mile trail running event was the next day! The Rivington 10 mile Challenge. I thought it looked like the area I sometimes ran on my days off. It was and it also wasn’t. At one point I wanted to stop, lie down and just wait for the air rescue team …

Yes I will definately do this again!


Strava Rivington 10 mile Challenge


Time  2:15:29


Blog post Rivington 10 mile challenge
This was a month of trail running events. I’d done both events before. This time around I did the Bluebell trail with a friend. It was it’s usual tough, a little technical, for a small local event, and at one point it was hard going (for me), but I finished well and it was a good muddy morning of running.




Strava Bluebell Trail 10km


Time 1:25:35


Blog post Bluebell 10km
The second event for May; The Crazy Cow 10k. I’d also done this event before, but this time no earphones were allowed at the event for the first time! An hour of listening to my breathing … I was shoulder shunted out of the way by a club runner at the start of the race [etiquette lost]. Despite this it was still a good event, a good time for me and with a cowbell at the finish ๐Ÿ™‚



Strava Crazy Cow 10km [mixed terrain]


Time 1:07:35
The Mersey Tunnel 10km. A now definate favourite road race of mine! Headphones were still allowed, but I had my new aftershokz and could hear all the cheering in the tunnel at the start of the race, a great atmosphere! . It’s strange in the tunnel, warm, heavy air … I’ve done it twice now, and despite the date change for 2017 I’ll hopefully be running it again. The bling is alos quite nice.



Strava Mersey Tunnel 10k


Time 1:07:55


The Wigan 10km trail running event. It was my first time at this one. I had messaged a new running friend I had recently made through parkrun, Philippa, who was going to this and I got a ride to and from it. It was a great little event with pie and peas after! Well, it is wigan ๐Ÿ˜‰ The weather was nice and the marshalls friendly. Hopefully get to do the event again next as I’ve a course to PB, although I didn’t do too bad the first time around so might be a tough ask of me!


Strava Wigan 10k Trail


Time 1:09:53
I entered my local 10km trail again. It didn’t in my opinion go well this time. I struggled, my run was slow, I was tired and I didn’t enjoy it at all this time round, not even the water crossing!. It initially put me off entering again. But one bad one shouldn’t spoil the rest. It’s just one bad run after all.



Strava yarrow River 10k
Time 1:28:19
The second event for September; I now always run the Natterjack 10k as my birthday running event as it’s near my birthday. This year was my third time. It’s probably my favourite road race. I was hoping to Pb it this year. I’d PB’d the course the second time I ran it, but I was met with sideways sleet and winds on the seafront which I  struggled in. I kept going. It was close. Next year…




Strava Natterjack Seaside 10k


Time 1:03:38


I was supposed to do a half marathon. The West Coast  Half by Fylde Coast Events. I took ill, too ill to take part. I was very upset as it was the first of this event and I’d entered soon after it was announced.

Blog Post DNS



I entered the Chorley Fire 10k as a last minute thing. I had the weekend off and was still disappointed after not making my Half. It would be my last event for 2016. I’d done this event once before. I was hoping to PB using the Race option on my TomTom, but my headphones / strava / phone was playing up and I had no tunes, so I walked a little while I tried to fix it. I was only just over a minute slower despite of this ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t stay this time for the pie and peas afterwards. I knew no-one at the event and so I just made my way home when I’d finished my run. I’ll do it next year, and hopefuly not have tech. fail :/

Strava Chorley Fire 10k


Time 1:07:10
So a quiet year really. It was the year of the Ultra and of trail running which lead to the decision to be an Ultra runner. A Hill runner. Or a endurance runner. I’m not made for speed so I’ll try distance.
An acomplishment for the year for me was running 1000 miles. I have [virtual] bling.


So, what will 2017 bring me? From the events that I’ve already entered it will bring me pain, misery, suffering … pride and conquests!


Geoff – Want more from Cheryl?  Then her blog is right here


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