Hi!  If you read my blog at Focusedperformance then you’ll know I love to help people run, regardless of where they are right now. 


I’m Geoff and I’m a British Athletics Running Coach and I’ve written a top 10 amazon ebook called The Runners Guide to Injury Free Running. 

The thing is there are so many runners out there, and so many people who want to either become a runner or just get fitter, that don’t have access to the right help and advice, the best tips and strategies. 

Maybe you’re always getting injured?  Perhaps you’re just starting out and you’re not sure how to train effectively?  Maybe you want a plan that is designed around you rather than a one size which doesn’t suit anyone? 

Would you love to accomplish your goals at getting fitter or improving your speed, or just crossing the finish line? 

It’s time for solutions!

Everything you need to move into the 10K

My 5K to 10K Transition plan is designed to give you everything you could possibly need to get to the start line in the best shape, with the best strategies for success and be tailored to exactly what you want. 

It Includes: 

  1. Access to the online facebook community
  2. A full 10K plan
  3. A full transition plan to get you 10K ready
  4. Email contact directly with me to answer any questions you have and to help you get the most out of your training  
  5. Extra content that isn’t included in the 5K to 10K email course
  6. Videos not available anywhere else that will help you with warm ups and cool downs, plus balance and coordination exercises

And all this for a one off fee for only £29.99! 

Does the idea of a 10K feel like it’s out of your reach? 

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a new or an experienced runner, I’ll help you achieve your 10K goals, or just help you get there, which ever it is for you. 

  1. You’ll have access to our online community of runners, where you’ll have loads of support and advice from runners who share your passion for running and are on hand to help keep you on course for success, want to ask a question? Need someone who’s been through exactly what you’re going through?  Want a group of runners to help motivate you? Then this is the group for you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  2. I’ll design a full 10K plan for you to work towards, built around your specific needs. Think about this – generic plans online are great if you want generic results, but they can never be as flexible as a personalised plan built around your body, your needs, your fitness and your race requirements. 


  • I’ll send you a questionnaire that will help me to design a plan to make sure you can run injury free, including warm ups that are  prepared exactly for you, all of your workouts will be prepared out in advance and if you miss one (or two!) then just let me know.  


  • I’ll do all the hard work, all you need to do is run – and that’s the fun bit right? 

  • Generic plans can’t factor in extra runs for when you just feel like going for it, they can’t advise you on exactly how much rest you need because you ended up doing an extra run in any given week, or you decided to go for a cycle ride, or add in the extra intensity of a spin class – I can, and I’ll do all of that for no extra charge to you. 
  1. So you’ve not yet taken that first step towards your 5K, maybe you’ve got a couch to 5K app?  No problem – I’ll design a plan that will be fitted exactly around where you are now (it really doesn’t matter if you’ve never run before) and help you get to the end of your couch to 5K.  Bonus – (I’ll even provide you with guidance, support and extra advice to help you get the most out of your C25K – over and above the assistance you get with the app itself) and this is totally FREE, included in the package. 


  1. Do you enjoy chatting to other folks about your runs? Do you wish you had someone to give you feedback on how things have gone against your plan?  Would you like that person to be a fully qualified British Athletics Running Coach?  Then I’m very happy to tell you that you can have all of this included in the package. 


  1. Did you enjoy my 5K to 10K Transition course? Want some extra content that wasn’t included?  Some really useful, actionable tips and strategies?  Ok, I’ll include that too! 

What will you get? 

How about: 

  • Nutrition advice for race day
  • My quick and easy tips to improve your speed (in less than 3 workouts per week)
  • Gear advice
  • And what to do (and not to do) on race day

Ps.  I’ll include the email 5K to 10K transition course as well, if you haven’t already received it! 

  1. Do you learn best from video? That’s ok too, I’ll send you several videos that give advice from warm up, help on balance and coordination exercises to the cool down right at the end of your workout. 

How to get your 5K to 10K Transition package

  1. Click buy the 5K to 10K Transition plan
  2. Download my short questionnaire here Runners 5K to 10K transition questionnaire and fill this in then email it back to me, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes
  3. I’ll then produce your training plan within a week and you start training! Plus you’ll receive the other good stuff detailed above as your plan progresses, direct to your inbox!  You don’t have to request anything, it’s all done by me. 

Get the 5K to 10K Transition plan


Thanks for getting a 5K to 10K Transition plan with me, I’m really excited about helping you to achieve your goals. 


I think you’ll agree there is a lot of value here already, I’ve designed this 5K to 10K transition package to give you everything that you need, whether you’re a new runner with no runs under your belt, right through to someone who’s experienced at 5K and wants to move on, BUT I’m not happy until you’re happy so…


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you find this package doesn’t help you run the 10K of your target race, then I’ll refund IN FULL your £29.99 with no questions asked.  Yes, that’s right, the guarantee lasts until your 10K race, no 30 or even 60 day guarantees here. 


My reputation as a coach is built on my results, so if you don’t get results then I don’t want you to pay me. 


Finally, just in case you were wondering what else I could add in for some extra value, I’ll also send you screen shots of any of the balance, coordination and agility drills if you prefer pictures to help train with – and yes, this is totally free of charge!