Join UK Athletics Coach Geoff and the team on the BEST trail running holidays in the UK and Overseas!

Hiking, Trail Running, Wild Swimming and Yoga Holidays in the UK

This is where it all began back in 2018! Since then hundreds of guests continue to re-book with us each year on our many events in Snowdonia, the Peak District, the New Forest, Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and the Brecon Beacons and we now have over 200 Five Star reviews and recommendations, so come and experience the focusedperformance magic for yourself…

Hiking, Trail Running, Wild Swimming and Yoga Holidays Overseas

Catalonia is our flagship Luxury holiday, taking place in what Geoff describes as one of the most incredible places he has ever run. It’s no surprise then that after a personal holiday here, running along the Costa Brava, on the shore on the Mediterrranean Geoff decided this was the perfect destination for his most luxurious runners holiday…

Coaching with Geoff

Tony Says

Geoff is an excellent coach and prices for coaching plans / one-to-one are very reasonable indeed. Everything he’s recommended has worked both in terms of running INJURY FREE and better/faster too. After 8 weeks, I can say 100% for sure this is a great service and Geoff is a great bloke too.

Sandy Says...

Very knowledgable coach if you’re looking to get into trail running. His e-book on injury prevention that you get free if you sign up to the email list is really helpful. looking forward to going on a guided run with the team this year!

Mia Says...

Whilst I have been having 1:1 coaching sessions with Geoff I have managed to stay injury free. I have achieved this by following the weekly plan I receive from Geoff. Geoff is very meticulous with his plans. He ensures they meet my personal goals, but with a focus on gradual increases in distance and keeping the pace slow to build my physical strength and fitness. I live 2 hours away from Geoff but this has not been a problem as we have regular contact by email and meet monthly for a trail run. Geoff guided me through the preparation and completion of my first road half marathon in March and my first sprint triathlon in May. I highly recommend Geoff’s 1:1 coaching, regardless of where you live he will have something to offer, which will assist you in achieving your goals.

Jason Says...

Brilliant session Friday 22nd Feb. Geoff is very knowledgeable and very supportive. He gave information on nutrition, training and even styles of running for different terrain.
Anybody who wants to develop their running should seek focused performance out.

Brooklyn Says...

Attended a talk held by Geoff regarding minimising the risk of injury last night. It was very informative filled with lots of useful information delivered with a friendly, light-hearted manner.
Was very impressed with the service- booked onto Geoff’s strength training class. Looking forward to hearing more of his useful tips. Can definitely recommend the services provided.
Thank-you very much x

Tracey Says...

Geoff is very approachable, caring and knowledgeable. I’ve been running for a while now and was looking for how to improve – feel like I’ve found the perfect partner in my new coach to help me do that.
Found the strength training workshop very useful. Geoff and Steph gave out some great advice, it was very informative and achievable. Great to know that I don’t need to spend hours in the gym or £ on equipment to improve my strength.


Nick Says...

Geoff is very informative, experienced and approachable. I’ve recently re-read Geoff’s ebook ‘The Runners Guide to Injury Free Running and here is the review I left on Amazon at the time:
As a novice runner who has had a few injuries, I found this book to be a very helpful guide, packed with tips and advice on how to get running again and to keep running. Although the book contains a lot of information it’s quickly absorbed, as the author has a friendly and communicative writing style enabling the reader to relate to his experiences and also to remember the advice given. A very beneficial guide to have for any runner.

Lot’s of runners have already started to benefit from Geoff’s coaching, see below for more details or head over to to find out what products you can benefit from, and how they will keep you injury free and become faster too!

Geoff is a UK Athletics qualified professional running coach.

He first found success in running when he represented his school in the 100 metre sprint, but it took him a few more years before he discovered a passion for running in the mountains and on the road.

As time moved on he trialled various types of training methods, read extensively on coaching techinques and started to see the results, winning his clubs Welsh 3000s Mountain Ultra for 7 consecutive years, achieving second place out of 83 competitors in the Oggie 8 challenge, 2nd place in the Bangor 10K road race and achieving 7th place out of 119 competitors in the Snowdon mountain race 12K amongst others.

Geoff coaches runners professionally, and has worked with many of them to help them achieve personal success, whether that’s helping his clients gain a PB at their local parkrun or silver medal at the European Championships as part of Team GB.

If you’d like to work with Geoff to achieve your running goals then send him an email at: