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Welcome to focusedperformance! I’m Geoff and I’m a running coach with a passion for helping runners achieve their running goals. I coach runners 1 to 1, or in groups and I arrange really enjoyable trail running holidays too, want to know more? Then check out my facebook page called focusedperformance, the feedback there speaks volumes. I also believe that we runners don’t have to accept injury! So I’ve made it my mission to change this. To help I’ve consolidated all of my extensive experience on how to avoid running injuries and written an ebook on the subject – The Runners Guide to Injury Free Running. People have really got on board and propelled my ebook to the Top 10 in the Running category on Amazon, which is fantastic news, thank you to everyone who purchased a copy. So what will you find in my website? I’ve created this website to share my strategies, tips, resources and coaching knowledge so that runners everywhere can improve how they run. I write articles here that runners will actually benefit from, when I’m writing about a technical matter then I want to give you as much information as possible to improve your running. I’m a runner too, I’ve come 1st in my clubs Welsh 3000’s mountain marathon for 7 years continuously, 2nd in the Oggie 8 Mountain Marathon and 2nd in my category in the Bangor 10K – I love running road or trail! Join me and the other runners who receive my regular email newsletter, who have benefitted from my no injury approach to running and my free coaching advice – subscribe to and join our community. I’d love to hear from you, so contact me any time! Run with Passion! Geoff

  • Placed 2nd in category

  • Placed in top 12% out of 280 competitors

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I am a qualified Coach in running with UK Athletics and a Leader in Running Fitness. I’m here to help you to achieve all you’re capable of in your running, get in touch now and I’ll help coach you to a whole new level of running achievement, online coaching plans available from £28

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Here's what Wendy said about my coaching 'Geoff is very professional, understanding and really supportive, coming back from heart surgery and facing another procedure I was feeling very much alone in my journey, I doubted that I would run again, after a telephone conversation with Geoff I felt positive and now I've started my training programme. It's amazing and doing my first park run knowing how to approach it was very comforting and I felt in control. Looking forward to my running journey and seeing where I go'


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